Music Stages

A vibrant musical stage where past, present and future meet.

What is Music Stages?
Music stages is a vibrant musical stage where past, present and future meet. It’s a springboard for musical experimentation and artistic crossover which still has its roots in an admiration and respect of tradition.

Music Stages is an advocate of maintaining a living musical tradition: old and new classical music that is rediscovered and lives on, and that continues to challenge both performers and audiences.

Music Stages helps to develop top talents and young creators. A new generation is pushing musical boundaries under the guidance of top musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and other ensembles.

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What does Music Stages do?
Music Stages organizes concert series, festivals and educational projects at both traditional and innovative locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Unusual stages are more accessible to new audiences.

Music Stages is unconventional and groundbreaking with regards to both its programming and its interaction with audiences. Our stimulating productions, always with their own individual image, are a testament to our creativity and relevance.

Music Stages transcends interdisciplinary boundaries and includes different kinds of performing arts into its programming. Surprising links and a large dose of curiosity elevate chamber music to unprecedented heights.

What Music Stages offers
Music Stages presents concerts with extraordinary depth and diversity. From refreshing and catchy to moving, disconcerting and even a tad confronting.

Music Stages welcomes its audiences through its love for classical music. The gap between the hall and stage can be bridged through warmth, humor and a shared experience.

Music Stages appeals to a diverse audience of all ages and cultures. Concerts are a complete experience: a compelling musical adventure that is open to everyone.

Michael Gieler, artistic director:

'Music is my life. I want to share my passion with other people: you have to experience music together'

He founded Music Stages in 2005 based on the fervent belief that all repertoire deserves a chance to sound new. Through his curiosity and creativity, Michael gives chamber music a new dimension. On stage he is an engaging host, who engages the audience through his programming like no other.

Michael Gieler (Austria, 1966) started playing the violin at the age of five and was already a member of a professional string quartet in his teens. Since 1993 he has been a solo violist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. He has always been drawn to chamber music and has particularly versatile tastes: from Bach to contemporary avant-garde music. 


Michael Gieler, founder and artistic director
Carel Alphenaar, director, dramaturge and indispensable artistic advisor 
Shirley Khoeblal, producer
Emelie Schäfer, fotografie
Hans van der Woerd, ontwerp en webdesign  Marjolein van Ruiten, communication


Gert-Jan Ros, voorzitter en penningmeester
Catherine Zijlstra, secretary
Lili Schutte, board member



Music Stages is een culturele ANBI. Dit maakt een gift financieel extra aantrekkelijk. Bij een jaarlijkse gift gedurende minimaal 5 jaar is uw donatie aftrekbaar van uw belastbaar inkomen.


Music Stages receives financial support from a number of cultural foundations and organisations. We are grateful to our partners for their belief and trust in us.

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