Minifestival: Noches de la Habana -UITGESTELD

One-day (1.5 meter) festival featuring Cuban music spanning four centuries

JAMMER! Door de corona-maatregelen van de overheid moeten we dit festival uitstellen tot 29 december 2021.

Havana, Cuba’s capital, lives and breathes music. Under the Caribbean sun, a lively people use music to rail against the unpleasantness/unruliness is ok also that life has thrust upon them. The cheerfulness and humour of Cuban music will be a festive way to end 2020. A mini festival featuring music by the first Baroque composers who emigrated from Spain, the typical sounds of the zarzuela (Spanish-language operetta) as well as the music of today. The mini festival will come to a close with a dance party in the Entrance Hall.

Michael Gieler, artistic director of Music Stages: 'Mirelys Morgan joined the Concertgebouw Orchestra a few years ago. She had a sweet, charming sound. Her body sometimes seemed fluid, so relaxed. My fascination with Cuba and the Caribbean began upon her arrival. Soon after, I met a very talented young Dutch conductor, Leonard Evers. He too had a great interest in Cuba and is full of wonderful ideas. We're teaming up to throw an unforgettable end-of-year party.’

* Leonard Evers and Elisabeth Caballero will only appear in the Muziekgebouw.


Cuba – an introduction
Music, poetry and film from Cuba

Our life in Havana
Lecture recital by sisters Mirelys (violin) and Madarys Morgan (piano)

Noches de la Habana
Concert featuring Cuban music spanning four centuries

Salsa and Rumba
Bustling afterparty featuring a live salsa band

Performers include
Mirelys Morgan, violin
Ramón Valle, piano

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