Theatrical concert centred around Dutch composer Rosy Wertheim

Ensemble Lumaka meets in the imaginary apartment of composer Rosy Wertheim.

The musicians discuss aloud how to take the audience along during search for Rosy's tracks and the zeitgeist of the 1930's. Paris in the 1930’s... a true melting pot of famous composers, writers, philosophers and actors. Imagine going back in time and meeting everyone who was there during that period: Stravinsky, Milhaud, Honegger and maybe even Coco Chanel; to be there while they heatedly discuss politics, art and philosophy! Maybe Rosy is showing off her latest composition, whilst someone is playing the newest classic by Ravel...
During their new production, Ensemble Lumaka opens the doors of Rosy's salon to that vibrant and exciting time.


Werken van Ravel, Stravinsky e.a.

Concept en uitvoering
Ensemble Lumaka

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