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Music Stages surprises and entices through innovative productions and artistic crossover. Under the inspiring artistic direction of Michael Gieler, musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra work together with top musical talents and artists involved in other fields to create refreshing and innovative interpretations of classical music.

Music Stages is a vibrant stage where perfection and experimentation come together: every concert is unique and not to be missed!

All that jazz

Avontuurlijke muziek met het Alma Quartet
  • Bijlmer Klassiek ,


De maan volgens Beethoven en Crumb
  • Bijlmer Klassiek ,


Een liefdesdrama als oratorium
  • IJ-Salon ,

Concert Series

IJ-Salon – Experimental milestones in the Muziekgebouw

The IJ-Salon is Music Stages’ musical laboratory. Michael Gieler playfully pushes the boundaries of chamber music, together with fellow musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. During IJ Salon, we will explore different genres, discover unusual musical instruments, and get to known special guests including actors, dancers, choreographers or performance artists; thanks to Michael’s inventiveness, every iteration of IJ Salon is a delightful surprise.

This casual Saturday afternoon series is now an institution at Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Carel Alphenaar, the regular dramatist of Music Stages, creates ingenious designs which make each concert look completely different, also serving to enhance the musical experience. Over the course of ten years, the IJ-Salon has become a real crowd-pleaser - and you can enjoy a nice drink afterwards!

Bijlmer Classical – Intimate gems in Amsterdam Southeast
In the Bijlmer series, Michael Gieler brings top-level chamber music to Amsterdam-Southeast. Members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra play music in an intimate setting, collaborating with artists who have their roots in the Bijlmer. On the stage of the Bijlmer Parktheater, big names like Beethoven and Schubert are paired with swinging tunes from all over the world. Bijlmer Classical is a joint project of Music Stages and the Bijlmer Parktheater. Michael Gieler translates the communicative power of music into accessible programs: 'We believe very strongly in interacting with our audience, both during the concert and afterwards. We often treat them to a drink and bring homemade cookies with us.’

Bijlmer Tour

On August 28th, 2020, musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will embark on a series of concerts and workshops throughout Amsterdam Southeast, from Driemond to Amstel III, to allow even more inhabitants of this neighbourhood to enjoy music with a typically Bijlmer twist.


Music Stages has friends and partners all over the world. Together, they work on developing exciting programs, offering young talent a stage and reaching as many people as they can with the most beautiful music.

International partners:
Spain: IBF Canarias
France: Sorru in Musica


The youngest generation of listeners is one of Music Stages’ most important target demographics. The musicians visit primary schools and develop special programs for high school students together with the educational department of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

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